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      合展崇尚设计与艺术的融合,以原创研发设计为源动力,结合多专业综合团队,将 广告传媒与装置艺术向延伸至公共艺术,街道家具设施,文旅产品,超低能耗生态建筑等产业链。以城市发展为导向,以人的 体验为核心,将公共艺术作为提升城市形象,促进城市活力。

       AOA体育官网首页 advocates the fusion of art and design. Taking the original design and research as the driving force, we have bulit comprehensive teams with multiple professions. Our services cover advertising media, public installation art, street furniture, tour products, low energy consumption ecological construction and other industrial chain. Taking urban developmemt as the orientation and human experience as the core, we strive to enhance city images and promote urban vitality.